Alon’s passions to innovative technologies follow him since the beginning of his carrier in the Air Force. He was involved in what others consider the bleeding edge of technology.

Since the early 80’s when he worked on IBM System 38, then to AS/400 to Novell Networks starting with version 3.11 and helping companies deploy some of the first LANs for SMB and later large environments utilizing the latest technologies.

Microsoft was the new kid on the block at one point with promising but challenging technologies and that’s when “I knew there was going to be a good market for this technology” so the rest is off course history.

Becoming and MCSE for Windows NT was the first step to embrace this technology working as an Admin for large Healthcare Environments, to manufacturing plants and small high tech startups.

In the mood for new challenges Alon moved to sales and worked for software companies as a pre Sales Engineer in the .com era helping enterprises move to Active Directory/Windows 2000 environments.

Since then he was fortunate to be able to work in different capacities from Business Development in South America to carrying a quota as an Enterprise Account Manager and more recently as the front man of an IT Outsource Company introducing companies to Cloud computing and SaS.

In the last year Alon realized that one of the best and more enjoyable jobs he ever held was working with customers and help them deal with day to day IT challenges. Looking for the next leading edge in technology, Alon recalls a friend’s call to see if he was interested in coming to work in the Virtualization space and needless to say it was an easy decision.

After delivering Backup and DR solutions in the physical space for the last few years, learning the capabilities the Virtual Infrastructure world can bring open my eyes and never looked back.”