Ken Crabtree has over twenty seven years of business, operations, and technology consulting experience with clients in the retail, consumer product goods, finance, healthcare and professional services industries. Ken is an accomplished Business Accelerator and has strong expertise in leading the integration of people, process, and technology dramatically growing business revenue, customer value and leadership opportunities while solving critical business problems.

Business Acceleration encompasses a unique combination of strategy, process development, sales, and whole-product marketing that seeks to “change the playing field”, creating competitive advantage, efficiencies, and lifetime employee and customer loyalty.

With 27 years of IT experience, Ken is currently President of CORE Technology Services, Inc, and has provided executive level consulting to companies such as Microsoft, Washington Mutual, Applied Materials, Avery Dennison and Nestle Food Company with strategic planning, financial planning, predictive analytics, business intelligence, infrastructure consolidation, application consolidation and development, process re-engineering.

Ken has over 16 years of Fortune 500 management experience in the information technology industry. His focus is on helping Fortune 500 companies meet their key business initiatives by assisting them with the implementation of business strategy, technology and organizational change management to improve profitability while delivering solutions that create true business value.