The Real Truth on Web 2.0 and How to Use It (No Buzz Words Included)

Do you need to hire a consultant, a bunch of consultants, or lots of outside help to implement the concepts of Web 2.0?   How do you know what it really is?  Do you have to buy an expensive suite of software and the aforementioned consultants to implement the ideas behind Web 2.0 to take advantage of its power and functionality to move your business forward?  Maybe, maybe not – it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. 

The members of the panel will explore the real truth about implementing and using Web 2.0 concepts in the real world by showing how real projects take advantage of one or more of the principles defined above without the requirement to buy a suite of software, hire a lot of consultants, or do it all at once.  Is there a situation under the right circumstances where a software suite might be the right answer?  Possibly.  Is it possible that hiring the right consultants or team of them might be just what your company needs to complete a key project?  Absolutely.  The panelists will discuss situations that will help you decide which solution to choose so you can make informed business decisions.