When Am I Done Testing? Monetizing the Business Risk Vs. Cost of Testing Software

Enhancing our ability to avoid financial disaster from a late and/or failed-in-production software innovation project requires going beyond the standard technical metrics for software and systems release.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent yearly on software testing. Indeed, IBM’s direct experience with organizations worldwide and data gathered by researchers working with hundreds of companies show that most firms invest 25 percent or more of their development lifecycle time and cost in quality assurance.  A key point in any development process, therefore, is the point at which testing ends and the organization moves ahead with deployment. This is the time in the life of every development project when the program manager has to ask the very practical questions like “Is the software ready for release?” or “How do we know when we’re done testing?”  This presentation (also an IBM whitepaper), an innovative framework for answering those questions—a new barometer for measuring the business risk of release versus the cost of continued testing.