Aaron Sandeen is a visionary executive-level leader with over 17 years in technology.  Serving as the Deputy Director of the Department of Administration (ADOA) and State Chief Information Officer (CIO), he oversees the Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET) office where he is responsible for leading the state’s technology vision and strategy.

With a distinctive mix of private and public sector experience, Aaron was appointed by Governor Janice K. Brewer.  As the State CIO, he drives the continuity of mission critical and essential systems to over 130 state agencies with over 31,000 state employees.  Leading the ASET office, he is responsible for defining and executing the states strategic IT plan and setting the strategic direction for the efficient delivery of state-wide information technology (IT). 

Prior to his appointment, Aaron gained valuable state experience at the Governor’s office in varying leadership roles where he successfully led key initiatives in technology, economic recovery, health information exchange, and campaign propositions.

Preceding his work with the state, Aaron obtained a solid technology foundation and efficient business processes from working at industry leaders such as Intel, Microsoft, Syntellect, and UnitedHealth Group.  With a technology focus he worked in the areas of engineering, training, marketing, and project management.  This extensive experience gives him a unique perspective and aids his vision of leapfrogging capabilities to transform state government.

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Operations from DeVry University.