As director of cloud product management, Reed Smith is responsible for
leading all aspects of Savvis' industry-leading cloud product line. In this
role, he uses cloud technologies and forecasts trends to build products that
meet today and tomorrow's business and technology needs.

He is a veteran of cloud, utility computing, server virtualization and usagebased
compute, bringing several hosted products to market over the past decade. Reed has been a guest
speaker at several industry conferences, including Gartner Datacenter Conference, VMworld, EMCworld
and Symantec Vision.

Prior to joining Savvis, Reed brought StrataScale, a cloud startup to market, and held a leadership role in
global server hosting products at EDS (now HP Enterprise Services).

Reed holds a bachelor's degree in business management, finance and marketing from Brigham Young
University and an MBA in technology management from the University of California at Davis.