Advancing Data Storage: Flash-Optimized Storage Architectures, Accelerate Performance, and Simplifing Storage Management

This presentation will explore the evolution of storage architectures over the past 25 years, reviewing the technology inflection points and core business drivers that have propelled the transitions from direct attached to monolithic to modular storage solutions.

We are at the beginning of the next major technology inflection driving enterprise storage. Solid state drives (SSDs) promise to solve the performance challenges inherent in spinning disks, rendering traditional storage architectures obsolete.

But SSDs by themselves are not the solution. The next decade will be dominated by storage architectures designed from the ground up to leverage the best characteristics of flash and disk. Will these new solutions be able to simultaneously deliver high performance and high capacity primary storage? And can they improve data protection, improving recovery point and recovery time objectives with far less cost and complexity? Learn the answer and examine real-world case studies in this informative session.