Aziz Safa is General Manager of Enterprise Capabilities and Programs in the Information Technology (IT) group at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for Finance and Human Resources business systems and leads Intel's Cross-Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) and Advanced Analytics initiatives including Big Data. Previously Safa was the development Director for Factory Automation systems in the Technology and Manufacturing group (TMG) responsible for information systems and services supporting high volume manufacturing and decision support systems.

Safa has over 25 years of experience delivering factory automation and IT business systems. Aziz began his career with Intel in 1993, and has served in numerous Automation and IT management roles in New Mexico and Arizona. Prior to joining Intel, Aziz worked at Advanced Micro Devices as a software engineer supporting the manufacturing lines.

Aziz Safa's leadership in driving significant business value @ Intel is exemplified through select Business Intelligence and Big Data Solutions as below:

Chartered a global team to function like a big data service provider and evaluate multiple Hadoop distributions and deliver a fully integrated production platform to our business groups to extract value from big data.

• Sales and Marketing – solution to help Intel sales teams strategically focus on which resellers to engage, when, and with what products. We estimated up to $20M in potential new revenue and incremental sales opportunities from our 2012 deployments worldwide and expect further gains in 2013 as we expand this out.

• Factories – predictive analytics solution to reduce processor test times. This solution avoided $3M in 2012 on the testing of one line of Intel Core processors. Extending this solution this year and into 2014 is expected to result in an additional $30M in cost avoidance.

• Chip Design Validation – 2 predictive analytics engines to gain insights into streamlining Intel's chip design validation and debug process which has reduced post-silicon validation time by 25%.

• Information Security – solution and platform can process 200B server events and provide results in less than 30 minutes giving us early warning of security threats.