Breaking Through the FUD - 10 Steps to Secure BYOD

Over the past year, BYOD made the jump from industry trend to business imperative, and organizations are feeling the pressure to open their networks to employee-owned devices. Unlike corporate-issued devices that are well-managed and under IT’s control, BYOD introduces a unique set of security challenges that require a balance of flexibility, visibility and security. In this BYOD era, the days of a static, one-size-fits-all policy are over. IT needs to know the device types, where they are, and who the user is so they can provide convenient, secure access to authorized users based on their user profiles and devices. 

In this session, Bradford Networks’ CTO Frank Andrus will share ten steps needed to develop a secure and comprehensive BYOD strategy. Session attendees will:

·         Learn how to create layered approach to security in order to gain complete visibility and control over the increasing numbers of users and devices on corporate networks
·         Understand the complexities of managing and securing emerging threats from smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, tablets and any other IP-enabled device
·         Understand how to enable employees to automatically onboard personal devices onto the network while maintaining a secure IT infrastructure
·         Hear strategies to win over management to support a BYOD initiative in their organization