Big Data

Big Data represents a huge opportunity for businesses across many problem domains. As a new wave of technology emerges to help realize the promise, there also comes a set of challenges. There is a need for new skills; a need to handle larger data volumes, strains on data quality, and countless evolutions of data types, among a host of other challenges. Very few companies can afford to hire and train thousands of new workers just to address this new challenge as a sideline. Most clients demand a short time to value for their Big Data investments because they seek leadership in their respective marketplaces. One of the most compelling ways to do that is through a platform with a maniacal focus on consumability, instantiated by a well thought out and planned tools ecosystem, declarative languages, and techniques that accelerate the ability to quickly drive results. This presentation will discover the discrete capabilities and components of that platform approach, and provide a vision into what BigData can provide for the future.