Tom brings to SafeNet a strong background in secure two factor authentication over the past fifteen years.  Prior to SafeNet Tom worked on many large security projects with Aladdin and ActivCard (currently ActivIdenity).  Over these years he was the technical lead on providing professional services for the deployment of OTP and PKI solutions within Disney worldwide.

 Below are additions projects that Tom has had an active role in over the past several years.

HP Global deployment of two factor (PKI and OTP)
Microsoft Global deployment of two factor (PKI)
US Government and related projects (PKI and OTP)
                DoD Common Access Card (CAC)
                Office of the President
                FBI, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, SPAWAR, NASA
VISA/Inovant (PKI and OTP)

Prior to ActivCard Tom worked at Novell for five years managing a global team of security specialist providing security solutions for commercial and government applications.