Creating a Competitive Advantage with Cloud

Data Protection has long been considered “overhead” by many organizations in the past, many chalking it up to an insurance policy or an extended warranty you may never use.  The realities of today makes data protection a must-have, as we live in a data driven society, the digital assets we create, share and collaborate with others on must be managed and protected for many purposes.  Remaining competitive in today’s market is a challenge most companies are faced with and strive to achieve, but this often times requires more resources, both people and budget, to accomplish.  Cloud and specifically cloud based-backup has been gaining more momentum and adoption over the years, it is creating an opportunity for IT to do more with the resources at hand today.  Freeing up your IT team to focus on more business critical projects, may give you the competitive edge your company needs to deliver to your customers.  As a result, a more agile and strategic IT team is able to create greater value overall for the organization by focusing on business and mission critical project.