The New Reality of Storage: Transform Your Business While Buying Half as Much

Managing and extracting value from ever-growing data repositories is a critical success factor for organizations everywhere. But the reality of storage has meant that achieving this goal comes with a high degree of complexity and cost as well as unreliable performance. Fortunately, a new reality of storage has arrived, one that is built around flash instead of disk, and which redefines industry norms around performance, complexity and cost. Imagine buying half the amount of enterprise storage yet getting dramatically more performance coupled with an iPhone-like level of operational simplicity. Pure Storage has delivered this through the industry's most granular and complete data reduction to reduce the amount of storage required, in combination with a unique new storage model called Evergreen Storage. 

Highlights include:

  1. Driving efficiency with deep data reduction for mixed workloads
  2. Upgrading without any disruption or performance degradation
  3. Enabling in-place upgrades with no forklift migrations
  4. Preserving investment with no re-purchasing or increase in out-year maintenance costs