The Data Center Revolution: IT approaches the Speed of Light

The rate of change is progressing faster than ever. An information technology lifecycle used to be measured in decades and years. Today is seems like the cycle is changing by the moment. How do we keep up? How do you make the right decisions for your organization while balancing new technologies vs. the efficient life cycle of your existing environment?  Cloud Computing offers great promise and yet it also creates confusion and hesitation. In this session, you will hear from  AZ-based industry thought leader, Steve Greenberg of TCC, as he provides a new insight into the state of IT. Themes include Rapid Acceleration, Proprietary becoming Commodity, Hardware becoming Software, Storage becoming Flash, and, how to leverage Cloud approaches within your own data center. You will also hear from Chris Murray, IT Director of Arizona Tile about how he has been able to transform his Data Center and the technologies he deployed.