Chris started his career at Microsoft in 1994 as a contract customer service representative during the Windows 95 launch. At the time, he did not know who Bill Gates was or what Microsoft did prior to applying with the company. Why?
He was a hard core Apple user and had been since the late 70's.

Chris left the company as a contractor in 1996 and returned 1 year later as a full time employee supporting networking technologies for Windows NT 4.0 Server and client connectivity. Shortly afterwards, he started supporting the Small Business Server product. In 2002, Chris took on the role of IT Evangelist and speaking to IT Professionals about the great products and technologies Microsoft had to offer.

Since then Chris has embraced live events and social media (Twitter - @chrisavis, blog – as a way to get the word out to IT Professional in the US and around the world. When not geeking out on technology, Chris enjoys camping, hiking and traveling. He is also an avid Guitar Hero player and karaoke singer. If you ever want to go do some karaoke, let me know!