Ajay Patel is a Technology Leader at Agilysys’ Central Region. Agilysys is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions to corporate and public-sector customers, with special expertise in select markets, including retail and hospitality. Agilysys uses technology – including hardware, software, and services – to help customers resolve their most complicated IT needs. Agilysys possesses expertise in Enterprise Architecture and High Availability, Infrastructure Optimization, Storage and Data Management, Identify Management and Business Continuity.

Before joining Agilysys, Ajay worked at Acxiom Corporation, an Outsourcing Services Provider, managing large and enterprise data center class initiatives around long term IT cost savings through strategically managed services, utilizing next generation methodologies to drive out cost while improving SLAs. He has previously worked in strategic roles at CNA Insurance, Amoco Oil Co, and IBM Corporation.

Ajay drives strategies that align to customers’ goals of driving out cost of their IT infrastructure. Ajay is a thought leader in his field of expertise with focus on Strategy Designed for Growth instead of just a strategy of growth. He is regarded as a top Enterprise / Data Center Architect with competencies in establishing an accurate cost basis for large enterprise IT operations and design future solutions with significant ROI savings through smart designs leveraging the latest technologies. Ajay’s IT Assessment methodologies provide a holistic view of a customer’s data center infrastructure as it exists today, with a Gap Analysis to bridge and provide roadmap of strategies and continuity to achieve long term goals.

With experience in buying and selling all major enterprise hardware, software, and storage solutions, Ajay takes an objective view in solving problems to ensure best of class solutions are derived. While also cognizant of customers’ competencies and capabilities, Ajay ensures reasonable solutions are prescribed. Ajay has provided leadership role in designing and creating Agilysys branded solutions around true virtualization of an entire data center, beyond Vmware, beyond Storage consolidation; essentially putting Private Cloud computing methodologies in the hands of the customers. Ajay has been instrumental in bringing IT-as-a-Service solutions to reality using POD like design to provide building blocks of IT infrastructure delivered to customers’ data center floor utilizing financial instruments that Agilysys offers.