The Road Map

“My role is strategic,” says Guthrie. “I am most focused on the future of our products – what is coming next.” Guthrie is responsible for global technology initiatives, including product management, research & development, strategic partnerships, web development and operations for Premiere Global. “I love looking at what innovations are coming next, and then designing those products to work for us,” he says. Strategic partnerships are Guthrie’s specialty. He uses PGi’s products daily and is always looking at new ways to merge PGi products with other technology offerings in the marketplace to create something more powerful and useful for the user. “From a prediction and tech standpoint, I think about future partners and if we can build something that creates value for our customers,” he says. For instance, one of his team’s newest innovations was to build a conferencing app for the iPhone. “Now using the PGiMobile app, I can mute, invite participants, record and see all conference call participants—all from my iPhone.”

The Early Years

Guthrie grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee where his father was a nuclear engineer. “My dad was instrumental in my career,” says Guthrie. When his father brought home a TSR80-Model 3 from Radio Shack (one of the first PC’s on the market), Guthrie’s world opened up. “I began writing games and software for fun at age 13.” A part-time gig writing medical software put the virtuoso through The University of Tennessee, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business management and information systems with high honors. In 1990, Guthrie started his own company called ISSI— a software technology consulting company. “I just turned my hobby—system integration—into a real job,” he says simply. He eventually sold the company and started Medcast, which received the largest sum of venture capital financing in the Southeast at the time. The company was eventually sold to where he served as a Senior Vice President. Guthrie later became a partner at Fuqua Ventures where he led technology-based investments. He made the jump to PGi in 2003 when he realized the opportunity to bring web and mobility to the existing product line. He saw the road map out in front and imagined how PGi could enhance efficiency and actualize more value in the future.

Management Style

“I like to find out what makes my people tick,” says Guthrie. His infamous interview process can take almost a year to find the right person. Not surprising since Guthrie’s motto is people are everything. “You find the right people to surround yourself with and empower them to make decisions,” he says. “We have to LOVE what we do.” When you match up the correct person to the position, Guthrie believes it pushes everyone to their highest success. “I’ve found they take ownership of the work,” he says. “If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you inherently want the best.” His strong, cultivated team allows Guthrie to focus on big picture strategies and next steps for PGi as a whole.

Personal Life

Guthrie lives in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia with his wife of 19 years and his three children (two daughters and a son). “My main job is to be a good husband and dad,” he says. “I try to balance work and family.” The energetic sportsman enjoys wakeboarding and spends a lot of weekend family time at nearby Lake Burton. “I am known for not being able to sit for very long,” says the go-getter. “Wakeboarding keeps me from going stir crazy