Mr. Dannemiller is the President and CEO of Business Security Solutions (BSSI). Mr. Dannemiller is responsible for BSSI’s go to market Security strategies and consulting business. In 2002, Mr. Dannemiller formed Business Security Solutions as a Security Integrator with a focus on data leakage and internet content issues.   Today, Business Security Solutions (BSSI) is a leading Texas Based Security Integrator with many Fortune 1000, education and government entities as clients. In 2010, BSSI achieved record revenues from deployment of Security tool sets and consulting services.   By working closely with our clients security needs, BSSI has gained a unique perspective to intimately understanding  the security challenges facing major corporations today.

Prior to starting Business Security Solutions, Mr. Dannemiller had worked for IBM and other Network based technology companies. Mr. Dannemiller is currently Vice President of the Houston Infragard chapter and an active member of the Houston ISSA chapter.