Every once in a while we hear of an IT Executive who has time and again provided innovative solutions to challenging business problems experienced by the engineering designer, road warrior, profit center head or operations staff. Mukund Hukeri is one such professional who has for the past 14 years; been responsible for making IT a catalyst to businesses within and outside the US, manufacturing and trading companies, marketing and accounting staff, deep-water drilling and architecture markets.

Mukund Hukeri has a progressive experience of over 20 years in IT, working his way up from designing microprocessor based automation solutions to deploying LANs and WANs across 5 continents to managing large teams of IT personnel, projects and budgets. Some of his accomplishments include unifying IT infrastructure and staff during mergers, meeting IT SLAs with geographically diverse and non-English speaking teams, develop and mock drill Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity process, cut global telecom expenses through VoIP, and manage projects involving forensic work for the government.

Mukund Hukeri is the IT Director for Leo A Daly, also goes by the name Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and certifications from Cisco, Checkpoint, Novell and in ITIL.