Mr. Dannemiller is a currently a Senior Security Advisor for Accudata Systems. (ASI). Mr. Dannemiller, was the former President and CEO of Business Security Solutions (BSSI) for 11 years. In 2002, Mr. Dannemiller formed BSSI, as a Security Integrator with a focus on data leakage and employee Internet usage. BSSI was a leading Texas Based Security Integrator with many Fortune 1000, education and Texas government entities as clients. BSSI was acquired by ASI in June of 2013. BSSI and Accudata share a commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in our mutual security service offerings. Mr. Dannemiller, takes pride in helping his clients achieve detection and prevention success, against a constantly growing list of bad actors.

Mr. Dannemiller grew up in Akron Ohio and graduated from the University of Akron with a BS in Business Marketing in 1982. Mr. Dannemiller worked for IBM and other Network based technology companies in the 80’s and 90’s. Mr. Dannemiller is currently President of the Houston Infragard chapter and an active member of the Houston ISSA chapter.