Explore Connected Storage - Limitless and Backup-less NAS

The connected device is quickly making our lives more mobile, efficient, flexible and easier to manage. Connected devices and apps help us with everything from fitness to managing our schedules and make music tailored to our current whim accessible and easy to play anywhere. Connected devices for our home (including thermostats, alarms and home automation) make managing our energy use simple and allow us to check in on our home, even manage appliances and doors remotely. In the event of a problem they alert us so we can act wherever we are. The advantages of the connected device are finally making their way into our IT world. For example, connected network devices provide centralized management, visibility, and control without the cost and complexity of controller appliances or overlay management software.

The limitations, complexity and fragility of traditional storage are now being supplanted by connected storage. This new model combines the scalability, durability, flexibility and mobility of a cloud service with performance and security of a locally connected NAS system. Join us to learn how this new model can empower collaboration across distant locations while making IT's life easier by eliminating many of the costly problems associated with the typical storage stack such as backup, DR, distribution and replication.