Lunch & Learn: Taking Windows Applications Beyond any Hardware Limits

While Windows is still the main platform for business applications, the number of computing devices adopted by users that do not run on Windows OS has increased exponentially. IT managers are faced with the challenge to provide seamless and secure access to corporate Windows applications to any user irrespectively the device in use. Applications are delivered either via on-premises or cloud-based solutions to a wide variety of devices. These solutions deliver virtual applications to laptops, tablets, phones and phablets. Windows applications are now fully featured on operating systems like iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Android.
In this session, the business teams from Parallels will discuss enablement solutions that solve for these challenges including local and remote Application Virtualization, and local and remote Desktop Virtualization.  Additionally, attendees will discover management capabilities including the ability to leverage existing Microsoft SCCM infrastructures to completely control and manage Macs the same as PCs.