Defining Efficiency in the Modern SMB Datacenter

Join us as we talk about Hyperconvergence and the efficiency that it brings to the SMB datacenter.

Understand that when the technology at hand is a Hyperconverged infrastructure (or HCI), the importance of this term "Efficiency" cannot be overstated. Bear in mind that what a Hyperconverged vendor (or Cloud vendor, or converged vendor) is actually doing is taking responsibility for all of the architectural decisions and choices that his customers would have made for themselves in the past.

This discussion on efficiency can be extended through every single part of a vendor’s architectural and business choices - from hardware, hypervisor, management, disk, to the way they spend their cash. All of these choices result in dramatic impacts on the resultant capabilities, performance, cost and usability of the final product. As technology consumers in the modern SMB datacenter, we need to look beyond the marketeering to truly vet the choices being made for us.