Network Security Its More Personal Than You Think

Network Security’s on everyone’s short list of things to pay attention with today, with good reason.  Hardly a week goes by without another news item about security breaches, international hackers and personal information that’s now traded in shadowy illicit data marketplaces.  The stakes for enterprises are enormous, financially, legally and reputationally.  If you find yourself attached to a breach, even tangentially, you can quickly find that the conversation turns from network security to job insecurity – your own.
In today’s uncertain world, you need to take control of your network security and employ the strongest possible defense to protect against the attacks that will certainly come.  TelePacific, working with its partner BAE, delivers multi-layered, comprehensive MANAGED security solutions for companies in every industry that address the difference between simply recognizing threats and working effectively to anticipate and resolve them. This session will help you ask the right questions – and find the right answers – that can help you sleep at night.