A successful Information Systems Security Professional with over 17 years of professional experience in communications, network and corporate security who has an extensive background in Firewalls, IDS/IPS, OS security, and Encryption. Fabian has several certifications for multiple large-scale technology companies such as Cisco (CCNA,) SUN (SCSA and SCNA,) CheckPoint (CCSA,) Symantec (STS,) and Centrify (CCSA.) His familiarity and expertise with network devices and industry regulations goes deep and wide, as he is highly skilled in both LAN/WAN technologies and each respective security needs. His past information security organizational experience includes the United States Marine Corps, TerreMark Data Centers, Exodus Communications Inc., formally Global Center, Symantec Software, and HP Security. Today, as a Senior Systems Engineer at Centrify, he uses broad expertise that allows him to recommend a Security Solution that is compatible with existing requirements for all Centrify customers and prospect clients.