LUCAS WAGENAAR is a “flying ace” in the world of IT leadership.  He navigates the challenging and ever-changing world of technology with ease, piloting innovation to benefit the bottom line.   As a strategist, he consistently provides new and groundbreaking ideas and processes that drive operational performance and business relevance.  As an expert in system design and process reengineering, he delivers sophisticated applications that are embraced by the system users and company leadership.  He applies a straight-forward approach to dissecting a problem into smaller and easier to understand components and then solves these components, thereby solving the complex issue as a whole. 

As Vice President of Application Development and Infrastructure Support, he leads, plans, designs, monitors and manages the technical infrastructure functions and development of key applications across the enterprise.  These initiatives include rapid integration of acquisitions with widely different platforms.  In addition, he has implemented state-of-the-art technical infrastructures to support Sysco’s current and future business operations, paving the way for company growth across the continent and beyond the U.S. borders.

Previously, as VP IT for Eagle Global Logistics he established a homogenous “follow the sun” global support organization , improving service levels and reducing the cost of support.  Earlier he held IT leadership roles with several energy companies in the U.S. , Canada, and Europe.  He began his career a Systems Engineer with Nixdorf, a computer hardware manufacturer.

Lucas holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the HU of Utrecht in the Netherlands.  He has a Certificate in Business Programming from The Southern Institute of Technology in Alberta, Canada and other industry designations including Novell CNE, Microsoft MCSE, and Cisco CCNA.  He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Lucas is a licensed commercial pilot.