New Breakthroughs of BYOD on Your Network

Mobility is pervasive in enterprise today and BYOD is here to stay, driven with such devices as tablets, PCs, and smartphones -- all demanding access to data resources!  Reality for today’s network professionals includes the real need for standards based networks that offer a full range of secure, personalized services to deal with these mobile requirements, while still maintaining cost effective and high performance connectivity. 

Lots of mobile users, by definition, means lots of devices…and some of these ‘end points’ need customized connectivity.  For commercial environments, these capabilities have to be able to flexibly support employees, contractors and visitors.  Schools and universities face an ever-changing population of students, researchers and faculty in a campus or virtualized environment.

What is available today to handle this exploding need for control and configurability?

In this presentation you’ll learn how Extreme Networks can help you cost effectively Mobilize Your Network with: