The Lonestar Education and Research Network Bringing a World of Opportunity to Texans

The Lonestar Education and Research Network (LEARN), is a collaboration that has deployed a 3,000 mile high-speed optical network in Texas to support its members’ education, research, healthcare and public service missions.  LEARN has 38 governing members who represent institutions of higher education, academic medical centers, community and junior colleges, K-12 public schools and the National Weather Service.

LEARN enhances the research and economic competitiveness of Texas by providing a state of the art cost-effective network that is interconnected to national and international research and education networks.  These networks, and the collaborative communities that enable them, bring a world of opportunity to Texans.  By owning and operating its own network, LEARN has the ability to quickly respond to emerging needs and opportunities.  LEARN enables our members to save money by leveraging shared resources and developing a community that fosters collaboration and innovation with their colleagues in Texas and beyond.