Building A Better Wireless Network & How Best To Address The Influx of Wireless Devices

Advancements in wireless network technology now deliver what was only dreamed about just two short years ago - this presentation will tell you why and show you how. Many companies and school districts are upgrading their wireless networks to address the increase in devices on the network such as smart-phones, tablets and other devices that drastically overload the system. Other reasons include eliminating dead spots and resolving other performance issues.

Meanwhile, wireless technology has advanced from old-style line of sight transmission to systems that can bend the signal around obstacles and constantly triangulate a user's location for the best signal path to any user. Security has been enhanced to the level where, for example, financial institutions that said they would never use wireless are now installing these systems. The result is better service and elimination of complaints, at about half the cost. When's the last time that you had a close look at what's available? Join us for this informative presentation.